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Contact Essen BioScience Support refer to section 2. Analyze growth, viability and invasion of single spheroids in round-bottom multi-well formats or measure multiple spheroids in flat bottom plates to d Page 52 When Custom Region is selected, incucyte zoom download vessel color will infucyte from light orange to green, thus alerting the User that this is a special incucyte zoom download Mode.


Table of Contents. Table 3. The outlying data are selected automatically by the software according to an algorithm – points cannot be excluded manually. Collated images are compiled typically as a time-lapse video. Page 60 7.


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Gain unprecedented access to phenotypic information while maintaining cell health with Incucyte Reagents that are non-perturbing to cell health, morphology and function. Incucyte software makes the process of acquiring, viewing, analyzing and sharing images of living cells easier than ever before. Analyze label-free and fluorescently-labelled chemotactic cell migration images acquired using the ClearView Cell Migration Plate.

A complete solution for performing kinetic, live-cell imaging of well co-culture assays utilizing primary rat neurons and astrocytes. Supplied as 1 vial 0. The kit contains reagent sufficient for multiple calibrations as well as three calibration slides.

The calibration slides are disposable and should be used only once. It is recommended that the instrument is recalibrated twice a year. Ideal if you use your Incucyte intensively as it keeps data on-line and at your fingertips for longer. This reagent is ideal for generating stable cell populations or clones using puromycin selection.

Innovation Never Takes a Break Analyze your cells for days, weeks or even months as they sit stationary in the stable environment of your tissue culture incubator.

Request a quote or demo Read SelectScience reviews now. Incucyte Systems. Ask New Questions Devise new experiments not previously possible.

Conduct routine monitoring and get answers to unique scientific questions with kinetic, image-based measurements. Improve Productivity Enjoy walk-away convenience as images are automatically acquired and analyzed.

Multiplex measurements in and well assay formats. Protect Your Cells Perform analysis without removing cells from the incubator or disturbing cultures.

Maintain cell health and morphology with non-perturbing reagents and illumination. Get New Answers Never miss a data point with real-time continuous analysis Profile cell type-specific and time-dependent biological activity Visualize and validate results with images and movies.

Cell Culture Workflow. What other areas are you interested in? Lab Water Purification. Pipetting and Dispensing. Cell Analysis – Live Cell Analysis. Cell Analysis – Advanced Flow Cytometry. Lab Filtration and Purification. Microbiological Testing. Moisture Analysis. Lab Weighing. My Request. A guided interface and purpose-built tools make the process of acquiring, viewing, analyzing and sharing images of living cells easier than ever before using the Classic or new AI-driven Analysis.

AI-driven Confluence Analysis provides a simple workflow for highly accurate segmentation of cells in phase contrast images, adapting to a wide range of cell types and morphologies with minimal user input.

By viewing images of all locations in your experiment at once, you can quickly assess treatment effects or identify outliers. You can also overlay metrics for rapid assessment and verification of image processing parameters.

Then, generate presentation-ready images and movies with just a few clicks. Easily view images of all locations in an experiment at once to scan for trends and outliers, then zoom in on wells of interest. By providing purpose-built tools to answer your scientific questions, image processing and analysis is uncomplicated yet extremely powerful.

Create analysis definitions once, then reapply to subsequent experiments to generate real-time metrics that enable decision-making. Guided analysis interface enables even first-time users to convert images into insights using powerful AI-driven or classic segmentation for confluence measurements. Graphing tools enable review of trends and rapid generation of publication- and presentation-ready graphs.

Perform label-free cell counts and subsequent cell-by-cell classification based on shape, size or fluorescence intensity to quantify dynamics changes in cell subsets within heterogenous living cell cultures. Characterize the differentiation and maturation of organoid cultures in or well plates and assess treatment effects on organoid growth in well microplates. Analyze growth, viability or invasion of single spheroids in round- bottom multi-well format or measure multiple spheroid in flat bottom plates to detect changes of growth or viability.

Enables label-free or fluorescence analysis of neurite outgrowth, maturation or disruption in each well in or well plates. Track and quantify label-free and fluorescence labeled chemotaxis cell migration and invasion in microplate format.


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