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Click the More button, select Chat /15831.txt the list, and the Chat panel displays. After selecting a contact or channel in the left-side panel, you can use these features in the chat window: Star icon : Penn state zoom download the contact or tsate to your starred listgiving you quick access to those contacts or channels. Choose Mute or Unmute.

Penn State Changes Zoom Meeting Defaults To Head Off Zoom-Bombing | WPSU – Subscribe By Email


Per Pennsylvania wiretapping law, you must inform participants if you plan on recording the session. Also, discussion of High-risk or Restricted data as defined in AD95 is not permitted while recording.

NOTE: Local recordings are automatically saved to the local computer when the host ends the meeting. Hosts can control participant audio and video using the tools in the Participant panel. The Participant panel allows you to easily see who has audio and video connected, which is helpful information when troubleshooting participant audio issues. Participants have the ability to unmute themselves in a meeting. To take away the ability for participants to unmute themselves:.

To manage participant video:. Nonverbal feedback icons allow the host to quickly collect feedback and responses from participants without using chat. Nonverbal feedback icons include a raise hand, yes, no, thumbs up, away, etc.

Figure Participant panel with nonverbal feedback icons displayed. NOTE: When you receive a chat message while screen sharing, the menu bar displays and the More button blinks. Click the More button, select Chat from the list, and the Chat panel displays.

Both the host and participants can share their screen or a whiteboard in Zoom. When sharing your screen, the Zoom menu bar moves from the bottom of the Zoom window to the top, and will disappear from view until you roll your mouse over the area. You can reposition the menu bar by clicking and dragging it another location on your computer, such as a second monitor.

NOTE: Participants can share their screens in the meeting if the host is not actively sharing. To disable screen sharing for participants, click the up arrow to the right of the Share Screen button in the Zoom toolbar and select Advanced Sharing.

NOTE: If you have shared your desktop, the individual with control will be able to open, edit, or delete any files.

NOTE: If you recorded the meeting locally, a dialog box will appear indicating the recording is being rendered and allows you to select where you would like to save the video. Quick Start Guide Zoom Meeting — old. Prepare Your Technology Equipment Needed: A computer with an internet connection wired connection recommended USB plug-in headset with a microphone recommended for optimal audio quality Dual monitors recommended Webcam optional : built-in or USB plug-in NOTE: If you do not have a USB plug-in headset with a microphone, you can use the telephone to host a meeting or webinar.

Download The Zoom Desktop Application You must download and install the Zoom desktop application to host meetings and webinars. Click the Download button for Zoom Client for Meetings. There is no separate download for Zoom webinar. Follow the prompts to download and install Zoom on your computer. Draft Meeting Invite email. Staff can send the meeting to the attendees using email Alternatively, staff can initiate the meeting using their own zoom account by creating the email in the zoom application.

Home After signing in, you will see the Home tab, where you can click these options: New Meeting : Start an instant meeting. Join : Join a meeting that is in progress. Schedule : Set up a future meeting. Date and time with background image: To change the background image, hover over the picture and click the camera icon.

Upcoming meeting: Displays the next meeting for the current day. Add a third-party calendar service if you want to sync upcoming meetings. Click your profile picture for these options: Add a personal note. Settings : Access settings you can change in the client. My Profile : Open the Zoom web portal to edit your profile. Help : Open the Zoom Help Center.

Check for Updates : Check if Zoom is up to date. About Zoom : View the current version. Switch to Portrait View : Switch the Zoom window to portrait view if you prefer a narrower window. Sign out Chat Select the Chat tab to view private conversations with your contacts or group conversations channels. You can access these features in the left-side panel: Jump to search box: Search for a contact or channel. Starred Messages : View messages you have starred.

Click your name to use your personal chat space. Add icon next to Recent : Start a new chat with one of your contacts, create a channel for group chats, or join an existing channel. Under Recent , click a contact to view chat history and continue to chat with them. Contacts have a status icon before their name. After selecting a contact or channel in the left-side panel, you can use these features in the chat window: Star icon : Add the contact or channel to your starred list , giving you quick access to those contacts or channels.

Video icon : Start a meeting with the contact. If a channel is selected, this will start a meeting with all members of the channel. New window icon hover your pointer over the contact or channel name to display this icon : Opens the selected chat in a new window. Info icon : View additional options for the contact or channel. Also gives you quick access to files, images, and starred messages in the selected chat. Message box: Compose and send messages to your contact or channel.

You can also send screenshots , files , code snippets , and animated GIFs. Meetings Select the Meetings tab and click Upcoming to view, start, edit, and delete scheduled meetings. You can click the following options after selecting a scheduled meeting in the left-side panel: Add icon : Schedule a new meeting.

Start : Start the scheduled meeting that you have selected in your upcoming meetings. Edit : Edit the meeting options for your scheduled meeting. Delete : Permanently delete your scheduled meeting. Contacts Select the Contacts tab to view and manage your contacts.

Directory tab: View a directory of all your contacts, including starred , external, and auto answer contacts.

If your organization has Zoom Rooms, you will also see a list of Zoom Rooms. Channels tab: View a directory of your channels used for group messaging.

Starred channels appear at the top of the list. Add icon : Show options for contacts and channels. You can add a contact, create a contact group, create a channel, or join a channel. In-Meeting Controls Once you have started or joined a meeting, you can access the meeting controls located at the bottom of the meeting window move your mouse in the Zoom window to display meeting controls.

Start a Meeting While there are several ways to start a meeting, it is recommended that you start your session using the Zoom desktop application. Click Sign in with SSO. Type PSU in the company domain field. In addition to that location, your recording is also stored in Kaltura. While you can access the recording from either location, we recommend using Kaltura since you have a host of options available through that tool captioning, editing, restricting access, making it downloadable, adding collaborators, etc.

Kaltura is the solution. For more information on Sharing, Capturing and Publishing your Kaltura recordings, please review this page from Communication and Marketing. Access your Cloud Recordings from Zoom in Kaltura. Click Log In in the center of the page. If needed, choose Standard Access Account. Click My Media in the top navigation. May


Penn state zoom download –

After getting hit by Zoom bombings ranging from disruptive to disturbing, Penn State is tightening the security defaults on the platform. Penn State Health Approved ZOOM backgrounds. *** DO NOT «ORDER» THESE *** Click on the image and download the desired background. In this Category. Penn State is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, and is committed to providing employment opportunities to all qualified applicants without.


Penn state zoom download –

All Zoom users will need to download and install the latest Zoom version to avoid any disruption. Read the Penn State News article for more. Penn State is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, and is committed to providing employment opportunities to all qualified applicants without. The Penn State Health OnDemand app offers patients options for care from wherever Download our iOS or Android mobile app or visit the On Demand page.

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