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Your desktop isn’t just a space to arrange icons and keep a pretty wallpaper hanging. With the right tools you can completely transform it into a workstation that meets your demands. For closeup and better analysis, Zoom Lens, as the name suggests, aims to show you greater detail of elements on screen through magnifying.

Easily configure size and transparency At its core, the purpose is similar, if not the same as the Windows tool put at your disposal, namely the magnifier.

The application comes in a light package, not even requiring an installation to properly run. Launching the application brings up a control panel, as well as the lens, centered on your mouse cursor. Customization and flexibility don’t provide much variety in choice, but cover enough to make the whole experience comfortable and somewhat practical. By adjusting different sliders, you can set the level of transparency of lens, as well as the zoom level, which can be up to ten times the normal view.

Additionally, the lens can be made taller, shorter, wider or narrower by pressing the homonimous buttons. Little practicality and poor feedback However, it seems that regardless of the slider positions and options you pick, implementation of the magnifier is only practical for the first half of a second.

This is because multiple zoom layers are used, overlapping each other and creating the tunnel effect that results in a poor image or simple color of a pixel.

On the other hand, with the right transparency level and big enough magnifying area, the application can provide a neat effect when navigating on different websites, especially if populated with pictures. However, this doesn’t make the rest of the issues go away or restore any of its practicality, mostly because of poor quality feedback and refresh rate.

This last detail can be changed, but be careful not to leave the value null, otherwise you crash the application for good. On an ending note All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Zoom Lens is packed with potential but stands a bit far from the greatness it wants to achieve.

This is mostly because of the interesting, but incredibly frustrating and impractical zoom method based on layers. The set of features is shallow, with no extra tools at least for color selection or saving an image of the specific region, not to mention functionality issues that quickly make you look for alternatives. The idea behind this tool is simple: magnifying the content in your browser while using it. It can be used for viewing of images, maps and videos, as well as for viewing hidden portions of websites.

The easiest way to run the application is to extract it to a USB drive and run it from there. Simply run the Zoom Lens. The program will not ask for an installation or a registration to run. You can quit it anytime by clicking on the x in the top right corner of the window. So, what do you get with Zoom Lens? The size of the tool can be adjusted to your liking. A click and drag on the top right corner of the Zoom Lens window brings up the control panel.

You can select from a variety of different transparency levels, and there are a few settings here and there. Double-click on the zoom area to zoom in or out of the content.

You can either click and drag the top-right corner of the Zoom Lens window, or you can click on the zoom area. Double-clicking on the zoom area magnifies the content in your browser. No support for realtime zoom. No free trial version. No other zoom levels than No file compression. No color highlight and filtering options. Terrible display and refresh rate. It provides a decent service, at the price of not having too many features or depth.

The features are mostly centered on setting up the tool. With the information on how to use it, you can expect to get the job done. The zoom tool is great and perfectly functional. This program is perfect if you have to see the image or look at the entire page for a long time. It is a FREE application, but you need to register. It is a stand-alone keyboard macro recorder for Windows.

If you use a Windows computer with a password, register your password for a non-expiring account. Auto Hotkey is a powerful macro program to automate repetitive tasks.

It is a freely available tool that enables you to create macros and shortcuts to perform tasks by key presses or mouse clicks. Zoom Lens is an application for Windows that can offer a powerful and practical magnifying tool for your desktop. You can use the desktop magnification to analyze image previews or make them bigger or smaller. The desktop magnification is powered by multiple layers, where one layer is for zooming and a different layer is for a preview.

Zoom Lens can achieve zoom up to 10 times its size, which means you can magnify a picture at least 10 times the size it is. Zoom Lens is a compact desktop magnification program with a simple and practical interface.

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You can choose one of four modes: Free, Protected, and Registrable modes. All users are assigned a free account with limited recording time.

This is a stand-alone recorder without any type of integration with other applications. This application can be used with any type of keyboard. It records everything you type keys or mouse clicks.

It allows you to replay your recorded macros any time you want. It has no limit on the number of saved macros and works on any Windows version.

It requires no installation. The latest version also includes a small memory manager 5 MB. It has an autocomplete feature. It includes a list of about 1, hotkeys for you to easily find any desired hotkey. If you use a Windows computer with a password, register 77a5cae Zoom Lens Updated Zoom Lens is an application for Windows that can offer a powerful and practical magnifying tool for your desktop.

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